Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today is a new day

As most of us are still with heavy hearts as the details of the Boston
Marathon unfold, we must take this as an opportunity to not only be
grateful, but to really think about how we live our lives each day. Are we
living life to fullest? Are we making the most of who we are? Have we told
our family and our friends that we have loved them lately?  These are some
of the questions on my mind.  

Unfortunately this tragedy hit really close to home as I not only had
friends and friends of friends running in the race, but my cousin was also in
the race. He was only a half a mile from the finish line when the two bombs
went off. What is even more unsettling is that my only uncle was waiting at
the finish line to see his son finish his first marathon.

Thankfully, he was not hit nor injured. What is even more remarkable is that
he jumped to help nearly a dozen of the victims as soon as the incident
occurred.  He was a TRUE first responder and is a HERO (he was watching as
civilian, but is  both a firefighter and a nurse). 

What are the chances of that? How many people would not think twice
about risking their lives to help other?  I cannot imagine what he must have
seen (meanwhile not knowing if his son was alive or dead). Why were others
spared and and others not? While we can not make sense of these tragic
events, we can take what we can from it and live each day like it’s our last.

This made me think of the Steve Jobs when he addressed Stanford in 2005.

When i was seventeen i read a quote that when something like if you live each day
as if it was your last someday you'll most certainly be right

It made an impression on me and since then for the past thirty three years

I've looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself yesterday were the last day

of my life what i want to do what I'm about to do today

and whenever the answer is been known for too many days in a row

I know i need to change something

remembering that all be dead soon is the most important role I've ever encountered to help me make the big

choices in life because almost everything

all external expectations all private all fear of embarrassment of fail

these things just fall away in the face of death

leaving only what is truly important

remembering that you are going to die is the best way i know to avoid the

trap of thinking you have something to lose

you are already naked

there is no reason not to follow your heart”

What are you waiting for?


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