Monday, January 28, 2013

Rise and Shine

Today is day one of traveling for the next couple of weeks. I had a 6am flight this am to SLC for work. I used travel A LOT for work, so I am a definitely a self-proclaimed expert planner when it comes to packing snacks.

At smaller airports, the pickings for healthy breakfast eats are usually slim. So I always try to pack a piece of fruit and some nuts as a back up. 

FYI I have tried bringing greek yogurt and hummus on the plane and some security checkpoints consider this liquid. I would beg to differ.  LAME.


I brought the banana from home and bought the Chobani at the airport.

Luckily, I packed plenty of snacks for the week. These are especially helpful to have in your purse/work bag during extra longs meetings. I usually find the only options during company meetings are donuts, cookies, and chips.

travel snacks


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